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Are Old Railroads in New York and New Jersey a Problem?

Last winter there were delays. This summer there were delays. Is the aging infrastructure of the railway system in the New York and New Jersey area merely an inconvenience, or is it potentially dangerous?

As government funds for railroads have become more limited in recent decades, some railroad companies have put off needed maintenance and repairs. Additional projects to accommodate a boom in commuter ridership have also been put off and further tax an already aging railway system.

Will the Railroad Infrastructure Be Updated?

It is currently unclear how Amtrak, NJ Transit and others will pay for needed repairs and maintenance. In the meantime, as riders continue to travel by train, it is important to be aware of the potential problems and know what to do if you are in a New York railroad accident.

Contact a New York FELA Attorney

If you've been injured, or if you've lost a loved one, who was working on the railroad in New York or New Jersey, then it is important to know that you have rights and that you may be entitled to a legal recovery for the harm that has been done.

As a worker, you have little control over the maintenance of the railroad system or over the conditions in which you work. If you have been hurt, then it is important to contact a New York FELA lawyer today to learn more about your rights and potential recovery. Please call an experienced New York railroad lawyer today at 1-880-362-9329 for more information about your rights. 

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