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FRA Uses Science to Prevent New York Train Accidents

Can fatigue be measured? Is there a scientific way to determine when someone is too tired to operate a train safely? The United States Department of Transportation and Federal Railroad Administration believe that the answers to those questions are yes.

Last month, the FRA released new regulations concerning hours of service for passenger train crews. These regulations are the first hours of service rules in the transportation industry to be based on "fatigue science."

Fatigue science uses modeling tools and data on human alertness to create employee schedules and reduce the likelihood of crashes caused by fatigue.* Specifically, the science uses tools to measure, mitigate and evaluate fatigue levels in order to determine how best to protect people from fatigue-related mistakes.

Even fatigue science recognizes that a complete elimination of fatigue in the workplace is an impossible goal and that the potential for New York railroad accidents caused by fatigue will continue. However, by recognizing that railroad workers work untraditional and long hours and trying to use scientific data to predict fatigue, the FRA, Fatigue Science, passenger train crews and railroad passengers hope that accidents can be reduced.

If you have been injured on a New York passenger train, then you may be entitled to damages if your injuries were caused by a train worker's fatigue or mistake. Please contact an experienced New York railroad attorney today at 1-800-362-9329 for more information. The experienced New York railroad lawyers of Hofmann & Schweitzer would be pleased to provide you with information about your rights and your potential recovery.

*Source: Federal Railroad Administration, Press Room, U. S. Department of Transportation Launches Initiative to Prevent Employee Fatigue and Increase Safety on America's Railways, August 12, 2011

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