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Will The Moynahan Station (Amtrak-NJ Transit Train Station in Midtown) Ever Be Built?

Will The Moynahan Station (Amtrak-NJ Transit Train Station in Midtown) Ever Be Built?

The people of the City, and those who travel here, have been aggrieved by short-sighted

transportation administration for decades. Want examples? The destruction of the beautiful

Pennsylvania Station, the cancellation of the tunnel under the Hudson by Christie, the

interminable delays in developing the central post-office into the Moynahan Station. We are

concerned that in today's budget conscious environment much needed employment for

dockbuilders, pile drivers, carpenters, concrete workers, iron workers, electricians and all the

other building trades will be passed over.

An interesting development is Governor Cuomo's announcement this week that he has

recommended Patrick J. Foye to become executive director of the Port Authority of New York

and New Jersey (PANYNJT), and has called for consolidation of the Moynihan Station

Development Corp. and the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. (LMDCT) operations into the

Port Authority. His studies show that there would be no fiscal impact to PANYNJ as a result of

this actions, and would, rather, build efficiencies into the rebuilding. The governor stated, "The

Port Authority is best situated to oversee the development at Moynihan Station and the orderly

wind down of the LMDC, and these changes will consolidate responsibility within the


Chris Ward is reportedly resigning by the end of the month after many years at the helm of the

PANYNJ, and Mr. Foye's nomination is subject to PANYNJ board approval. The Building and

Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, commended Foye's nomination, looking

forward to competent and practical management by the Port Authority in maintaining and

expanding regional transportation assets and completing the rebuilding of the World Trade

Center site.

We applaud any actions that will provide jobs to our construction worker constituents, which,

Mr. Christie, will spur the economy in both New York and New Jersey.

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