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3 Ways to Stay Safe on New York Commuter Rails

Every day you wake up, get yourself ready for work and board the train. It's part of the routine of your workweek. It's something that is commonplace in the Metro New York area, and you probably give little thought to it unless there is a problem.

However, before you board the commuter train tomorrow, our New York FELA lawyers want you to be aware of specific dangers for railroad workers and passengers on board the crowded commuter rails of New York and New Jersey.

3 Commuter Rail Dangers

Specifically, we want you to think about:

  • Keeping a Distance From the Train Tracks While on the Platform: Train platforms can quickly become crowded with people late for work or eager to get home. If you are too close to the edge, you risk being pushed onto the tracks.
  • Staying Seated or Holding On While the Train is Moving: If the train stops suddenly you could be seriously injured.
  • Avoiding the Herd of People Disembarking the Train: The same people who were eager to get on the train now can't wait to get off the train. If you notice a swarm of people moving quickly, try to keep your distance to avoid injury.

Contact a New York FELA Attorney if You've Been Hurt

Sometimes New York commuter rail accident injuries occur even if you try to stay safe. If you've been hurt, please contact an experienced New York train accident attorney today at 1-800-362-9329 for a free consultation.

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