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New Rule Coming for New Jersey and New York Railroad Workers in 2012

On May 12, 2012 a new FRA regulation will go into effect to protect railroad workers. The regulation provides new safety procedures for railroad workers to follow when there is a train moving on an adjacent track. It is in direct response to an increase in fatalities caused by movement on adjacent tracks. This blog post will explain what will be required of railroad employers and when to contact a New York FELA attorney.

New Requirements for Railroad Employers
In order to prevent injuries from moving trains on tracks near where railroad workers are doing their job, the regulation will require:

  • Railroad employers to adopt safety procedures to protect workers from movement on adjacent tracks.
  • All work and equipment movement to stop while there is movement on an adjacent track.
  • All railroad employees to move to a predetermined place of safety when they receive warning of an approaching train, or other movement, on an adjacent track.

Further information may be forthcoming about how the railroad safety regulation is to be implemented before the effective date of the new regulation.

When to Contact a New York FELA Lawyer
If you are hurt while working on a railroad in New York or New Jersey, then it is important to contact an experienced New York FELA attorney at 1-800-362-9329 as soon as possible after your accident. Your New York railroad injury lawyer will work hard to get you the recovery that you deserve for your accident injuries.

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