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The Dangers of Diesel: When a New York FELA Lawyer May Help

It was at the beginning of the last century that diesel engines began to replace steam engines on our nation's railroads and that workers began being exposed to the contaminants found in diesel fuel. Today, most of our trains are fueled by a combination of diesel fuel and electricity and potential health risks remain. While diesel exposure may be part of the job, it does not change a railroad worker's right to contact a New York FELA lawyer to talk about a potential recovery if he is injured on-the-job.
Why Diesel Fuel is Dangerous
Diesel fuel is made up of a variety of chemicals, many of which would be potentially harmful on their own. For example, diesel fuel may include: carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, sulfur oxides and hydrocarbons.
These, and other chemicals contained in diesel, can result in significant injuries. The risk of injury may increase over time as workers continue to be exposed to the chemicals. Some of the specific risks associated with diesel fuel include:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
  • Asthma

When to Contact a New York FELA Lawyer
The Federal Employers Liability Act may allow railroad workers including, but not limited to, conductors, engineers and maintenance and repair personnel to recover damages if they have suffered a New York railroad illness from diesel fuel.
To find out more about your rights, and your potential recovery, please contact a New York FELA attorney today at 1-800-362-9329. If you have a case, then your lawyer will fight hard for fair and equitable recovery! 

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