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New York Railroad Lawyer Looks at Recent NJ Safety Recommendations

New Jersey Transit pedestrian deaths frequently made the news in 2011. In response to these accidents, NJ Transit and the state of New Jersey pledged to help prevent future pedestrian deaths. Last month, the New Jersey State Transportation Commissioner announced 12 steps that will be taken to help reduce the risk of train pedestrian deaths. As a New York railroad lawyer, I hope these steps are successful, and I encourage injured pedestrians, or their survivors, to understand their rights after a New Jersey or New York train pedestrian accident.

NJ Recommendations to Prevent Train Pedestrian Deaths

Some of the recommendations included in the New Jersey report include:

  • Increasing police patrols at high risk locations
  • Improving public education efforts
  • Putting up more safety signs at NJ Transit locations including second train coming warning signs so that pedestrians do not mistakenly believe the danger is gone when one train passes
  • Testing gate skirts to prevent people from going under railroad crossing gates
  • Trying to include a railroad safety question on driver's license tests
  • Putting railroad safety information in state driver's manuals

The specific enforcement, education and engineering changes recommended in the report are scheduled to begin by January 2013 and in some cases much sooner than that.

How to Contact a New York Railroad Lawyer After an Accident

It is too soon to tell what effect the new safety recommendations will have in preventing railroad pedestrian accidents. If you have been hurt, or if your loved one has been killed, it is important to contact an experienced New Jersey and New York railroad attorney at 1-800-362-9329 today to discuss your rights. 

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