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3 Reasons to Call a New Jersey Construction Lawyer After a Fall

You have a good relationship with your construction employer - and it is a relationship that you need to keep even after your recent fall injury. You are a reasonable person and you know the risks of working in the construction industry. You do not blame anyone for your fall. You just want to recover and get back to the life you had before the accident. Accordingly, you are likely interested in the prompt settlement offer made by your employer or your employer's insurance company. You are tempted to take it and make this whole thing go away. However, accepting the offer without talking to an experienced New Jersey construction lawyer may not make the problem go away. Instead, it might make it worse.

Questions an Insurance Adjuster May Ask After a NJ Slip and Fall

You are barely home from the hospital when the insurance adjuster starts calling. The adjuster seems kind and concerned but also insistent that you answer his or her questions. You may feel uneasy answering those questions without first talking to an experienced NJ slip and fall lawyer. Your wariness is well founded, and you may benefit from talking to a NJ slip and fall attorney before answering specific questions of the adjuster who contacts you.

Why You Might Wait for an Elevator to Avoid Fall Down New Jersey Stairs

You are tempted to use the stairs. Whether you always use the stairs for a little bit of extra exercise, whether you dislike elevators, or whether you are in a hurry and don't care to wait for the next elevator, there are times when you should think twice about taking the stairs. There are times when it is worth it to wait for the elevator and to avoid a call to New Jersey slip and fall attorneysafter a fall down the stairs. 

3 Symptoms Your NJ Maritime Attorney Doesn't Want You to Ignore at Sea

Some injuries are clear cut. You either need a doctor or you don't. It is when an in between injury is suffered that the decision about whether or not to call for help can be difficult. The decision can be even more difficult if you are hurt while working at sea.

Protecting People with Disabilities on New York Railroads

If you have a disability then it can be scary to take the train. Whether you are on crutches for a short time due to an injury, you are permanently in a wheelchair, or you face other issues such as vision or hearing difficulties, the railroad station can present challenges. The railroad operator may need to take steps to help reduce those challenges and keep you safe. If that doesn't happen and you are injured, then it is important to contact a New York railroad lawyer for help.

How a New York Construction Accident Lawyer Helps After a Work Death

The construction job that was supposed to provide for your family has cost your family more than you thought possible. The death of your loved one has left you without his love, companionship, emotional support and financial support.You have lost too much. You may think there is nothing left to lose, and while there is nothing as important as your loved one's life that is left to lose, there are financial consequences that can occur if you talk to the construction employer or negotiate with an insurance company without the help of an experienced New York construction accident lawyer.The Benefit of Working with a New York Construction Accident AttorneyConstruction employers and insurance companies may purposely try to keep you from recovering money after the loss of your loved one. They may genuinely feel bad for what happened; however, they are motivated by their own bottom line. They want to keep as much money for themselves and their companies and that means paying as little as possible to you. Thus, recovering a fair settlement often requires significant negotiations.You do not need the stress of attempting the negotiations on your own. You do not need to relive the details of your loved one's death. You do not need to research the law and spend the time and effort trying to understand what fair damages would be for your family. Instead, you can hire a New York City construction accident lawyer to represent you and zealously advocate for your family's best interests.How to Contact a New York Construction Accident LawyerFor more information about the benefits of working with an experienced New York construction injury attorney, please call 1-800-362-9329 and please read our free publication: Hurt in a Construction Accident? You're Not Alone.

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