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Candidates Cower On Gun Control

During a time when the United States needs to figure out a way to reduce the suffering and distress caused by gun violence which kills over 80 people per day, neither presidential candidate has stepped up to the plate. Both Mitt Romney, and President Obama have spoken about the recent tragedy in Colorado, where James Holmes opened fire in a movie theatre during the latest Batman movie, but neither have stood up for their former principles.

According to studies of federal data, states that have stricter gun control laws have a significantly less number of firearm deaths. Although policies such as banning assault weapons, and requiring safe storage and trigger locks are actually effective, few politicans are seen or heard fighting for them. Both President Obama, and Mitt Romney were once in favor of banning assault weapons, and now they cower on gun control. They both show a faith in the requirement of background checks, but fail to understand the flaws in the federal system.

Neither candidate is addressing the important issues on the gun control issue, nor demanding better research in order to reduce the affliction of gun violence in the United States.

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