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NYC Construction Spending to Increase - Will Safety Be Effected?

New York City construction spending is expected to hit a four year high in 2012. According to the New York Building Congress, construction spending is expected to top $30 billion for the first time since 2008, and spending is expected to be 9% higher than it was in 2011. At the same time, construction employment in New York fell by 0.06% to the lowest levels since 1998. Increased building costs, better technology and worker productivity are cited as reasons for the discrepancy between building spending and hiring.

Safety Must Be Priority as Construction Demands Increase

As the New York City construction industry rebounds from the recession, it is important that worker safety be a top priority. While construction worker injuries and fatalities have decreased in recent years, the government and other experts attribute fewer injuries and deaths to the fewer numbers of construction workers on-the-job. An increase in spending may bring more workers back into the industry, it may put increasing demands on construction workers, or it may have both effects. Accordingly, it is important for both construction employers and construction workers to make safety on each New York City construction site a continued priority.

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