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How to Manage the Outpouring of Support After a NY Construction Injury

Your relatives, friends, fellow congregants, co-workers, and neighbors all want to help you after you have been hurt in a New York construction accident. Their actions are touching and helpful, but they may also be overwhelming. What can you do to show your appreciation, get the help that you need, and prevent that help from overpowering you?

Maintain Control After a Construction Accident Injury

It might not seem like it right now, but you can be appreciative, get the help you need and get a little peace. Here are three ways that you might manage the outpouring of support that is coming your way:

  • Set up a contact person to coordinate the incoming help. Everyone wants to send a meal, help with childcare or housework, or run some errands. Ask a friend, or use a website, to coordinate these activities.
  • Send a warm and appreciative email explaining your position. Let everyone know how much you appreciate their help, but explain that what you really need is rest. Thank everyone for their friendship and support and let them know that you will reach out to them should you need anything.
  • Have someone at your home with you who can manage visitors for you. Make sure that you can rest uninterrupted by allowing a relative or friend to greet people who come by to help or visit.

You know the support is coming from the right place, but that doesn't mean it should overwhelm you or interfere with your rest and recovery.

Call a New York Construction Accident Attorney for Help

There is some help that your family and friends can't provide. For legal help after your accident, please call an experienced New York construction accident lawyer at 1-800-362-9329 and read our FREE brochure: Hurt in a Construction Accident? You're Not Alone.

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