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February 2013 Archives

Big Secret Your New York Construction Employer May Be Keeping from You

There are some things that your New York construction employer may not tell you after you have been hurt in an accident. While your employer may mean you no harm, the information may not be readily shared with you. Our New York construction accident attorneys do not believe that your employer should have access to important information that you do not have because it simply isn't fair.

Never Say These Things at a New Jersey Construction Site Accident

Nobody expects you to know what to do when you are hurt on a New Jersey construction site. It is likely a situation that you have never been in before, and it is certainly a situation that is traumatic and possibly chaotic. It is difficult to know what to do and what to say if you are able to do or say anything at the time that you are hurt. If you are able to communicate, however, there are a few things that it is better not to say.

Find the New York Seastreak Ferry Accident Answers You Need Fast

You may not yet know what exactly caused the Seastreak Ferry to crash into the Wall Street Pier on January 9, 2013, but you know what transpired; you remember what happened to you during the collision and in the immediate aftermath. You don't have questions about that, but you do have a lot of questions about what happens now. For example, you may be wondering:

Can Government Regulation Prevent New York Construction Injuries?

The purpose of government construction safety regulations is to promote safety and to protect construction workers. Some employers may be slower, or simply unwilling, to take certain safety precautions without a mandate from the government requiring them to do so. When everyone is required to take certain safety precautions, or face significant fines, the cost of safety becomes a standard cost of doing business. It is included in every contractor's bid and does not put responsible contractors at a disadvantage.

Recovering from the Haunting Scene of the Seastreak Ferry Accident

If you were aboard the Seastreak Ferry on the morning of January 9, 2013, then the moments around 8:45 a.m. may be difficult to forget. They may especially be difficult to forget if you were one of the more than 70 people who were injured when the ferry collided with the Wall Street pier.

Fighting To Protect What Matters Most

You are not the only one who suffers after a serious accident. Crushing medical bills and lost wages can be devastating to your family for years.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

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