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Operator and Contractor Fined After Crane Breaks Down in New York City

Operator and Contractor Fined After Crane Breaks Down in New York City

According to ENR, a crane, which collapsed on January 9th, in Queens, New York and left seven workers injured, has led to building officials firing the crane operator, and contractor. The crane operator and contractor were fined in the amount of $64,000 due to their failure to correctly inspect and operate the crane.

Robert LiMandri, the buildings commissioner stated that the operator was trying to lift twice the suggested weight limit of the crane. Paul Geer, the crane operator, alleged at the time of the incident that he could not see the load that he was attempting to lift. According to Geer he could only see the boom. LiMandri later confirmed Geer's statement that he could not see the load he was trying to pick up, and that he was also trying to pick up materials outside of the designated loading area.

According to officials, Geer along with the contractor, Cross Country Construction LLC, each had five citations given to them in respects to the crane collapse. The developer TF Cornerstone and site safety manager were also cited for their lack of monitoring the site as well as the people working on the site.

This crane collapse is one of the many of the recent string of crane collapses in New York City. The accidents continue to happen even thought stricter safety regulations for crane operators were put into place as of 2012. The newer safety regulations in New York City call for more exams, which was deemed necessary after two cranes fell in 2008 resulting in deaths. The new regulations also mandate that crane operators complete 4,000 hours in training, more detailed checklists, and an increase in oversight.

In order for Class A and Class B licensed operators to keep their licenses they must pass a nationwide crane test by July of this year. The American National Standards institute or the National Commission for Certifying Agencies must accredit this exam.

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