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Is Your New York Construction Employer Subject to OSHA Regulations?

If your New York construction employer is smaller than many other construction companies in the area then you may wonder if the OSHA safety and health regulations apply to your employer and to you.

Who Is Covered by OSHA?

OSHA applies to many construction employers. It is easier to explain who is covered by OSHA by specifically listing those who are NOT covered. The following two exceptions to OSHA coverage are the most common ones that effect construction workers in the private sector:

  • You are self employed. If you are doing construction work on your own then you may not be protected by OSHA.
  • Your workplace hazards are governed by another federal agency. For example, your workplace may be regulated by the Mine Safety and Health Administration, the Coast Guard or another agency.

Other exceptions may also apply. If you have any questions then you should contact a New York construction lawyer or your regional OSHA office.

Call a New York Construction Accident Lawyer Anytime You Are Hurt on the Job

Regardless of whether your New York construction employer is covered by OSHA, you may have the right to make a legal recovery for your work-related injuries if you have been hurt on the job. For more information, we encourage you to contact an experiencedNew York construction accident attorney today at 800-362-9329 or via this website to schedule an initial consultation. We also invite you to read our FREE informational pamphlet, Hurt in a Construction Accident? You're Not Alone, to learn more.

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