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New York Construction Worker With Cancer? You Need to Know the Cause!

Many people wonder why they get sick. Why you and not someone else? Why now and not when you are old, when your children are less needy and/or when your parents don't have to witness your illness? For many people, the cause of their cancer will never be known. Doctors and researchers may not yet be able to tell why a young mother gets breast cancer or a toddler has leukemia. However, they may be able to pinpoint the cause of some types of cancer developed by New York construction workers.

What a New York Construction Worker with Cancer Deserves to Know

If you are a New York construction worker with cancer then you deserve to know whether your job made you ill. Was it exposure to asbestosis, silica, asphalt or another construction material that caused your specific form of cancer? Would your cancer have developed had you not been working on a construction site now or in the past?

If your illness has been caused by your work on a New York construction site(s) then you may be able to recover workers' compensation or other legal damages for your injuries. This compensation may help you pay your medical bills and provide for your family.

Call a New York Construction Lawyer If You're a New York Construction Worker with Cancer

For more information about your legal rights and possible recovery, please contact an experienced New York construction lawyer today at 800-362-9329 and please read a FREE copy of our information pamphlet, "Hurt in a Construction Accident? You're Not Alone."

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