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Five NYC Construction Plumbing Risks That Need More Attention

Are you wondering what you are getting yourself into every day just by going to work? Are you wondering about the specific risks that you may face working a New York City construction plumbing job? The company hiring you may not point out the different ways that you could be hurt. However, as a New York City construction plumber, you deserve to know the truth..

Five Risks You Need to Know

Some of the risks that plumbers on construction sites may face include:

  • Developing diseases from working with certain types of piping or materials - Lung diseases, for example, may develop from inhalation of certain elements.
  • Electric shock - Electricity can cause serious injuries for plumbers.
  • Falls. Working on unfinished floors, for example, can lead to serious fall injuries.
  • Equipment injuries - The equipment that you, or other construction workers, use can cause serious injuries.
  • Eye injuries - Your eyes may be vulnerable to injuries because of the nature of your work.

Of course, this list is not comprehensive and other risks are likely present for many construction site plumbers.

Call a New York City Construction Accident Lawyer If You've Been Injured

You may identify yourself as a plumber rather than as a construction worker. However, aNew York City construction lawyer may still be able to help you if you've been hurt in a New York construction plumbing accident. Please call us today at 800-362-9329 to find out how we may be able to help you recover from your injuries. You can also learn more about your rights by reading our free brochure, Hurt in a Construction Accident? You're Not Alone.

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