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The Danger Behind the Walls for New York City Drywallers

The frame of the building is up and the pressure is on to meet the deadline and to get the building ready for occupancy. Right now that may mean two things. The building needs electricity and it needs walls. As a New York City drywaller, it is important to respect that you are working on unfinished walls that likely have electrical wires running behind them and to make sure that you, your employer, and your coworkers are taking the appropriate measures to avoid a serious electric shock or electrocution.

Why Electricity Is a Risk for New York City Drywallers

You may be at risk of being hurt by electricity as you hang drywall because:

  • Electrical boxes may lack the proper shielding to prevent screws and nails from going into them.
  • Nail guns, fasteners and drills may not be properly grounded.
  • Cutting tools may not be in good working order or work as you expect them to while you are doing your job.

These risks can result in serious injuries from electrical shock and/or electric fires.

What to Do If an Accident Happens

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents just happen. If you have already been hurt then what matters most right now is your possible recovery. You can protect your recovery by contacting an experienced New York City drywall injury lawyer via this website or by phone at 800-362-9329. You can also learn more about protecting your rights and about what to do next by reading our FREE brochure: Hurt in a Construction Accident? You're Not Alone.

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