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Don't Worry About These 3 Things After Lobster Boat Injury

You are worried about managing your pain and your long term recovery, and rightly so. Your lobster boat entanglement accident has left you badly hurt. While you may have no choice but to worry about your physical recovery, there are things that you just shouldn't have to worry about after your work on a commercial lobster boat leaves you injured.

3 Things We Want You to Cross Off Your Worry List

As you recuperate from your injuries, your mind may wander. You may find yourself thinking about the worst case scenarios-but you don't have to. Instead, we want you to cross the following worries off of your list:

  • Your medical bills. Your reasonable medical expenses should be paid until you have reached your maximum medical recovery.
  • Going back to work. You should not be blackballed, blacklisted, or otherwise prevented from going back to work if you pursue a claim for your lobster boat injuries.
  • Affording housing and food. You may be able to recover your "maintenance" costs if you've been hurt. This can include money toward your housing and food bills that you wouldn't have otherwise had to pay if you were able to be working on a commercial lobster boat.

Of course, you may still have other concerns after an entanglement with lobster boat equipment leaves you hurt.

Still Worried?

It is natural to be worried after a significant maritime injury. If you have concerns about protecting your rights or possible recovery, we encourage you to read our free publication, "The Legal Rights Of Injured Seamen, Dockbuilders, Dredgemen And Other Commercial Mariners: Ten Important Questions Answered" and to chat with us using the icon located in the lower right corner of this post.

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