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Questions to Ask if You Were Hurt by Unsecured Equipment on a Construction Site

Together, you and the other construction workers on your job site are working to build a complicated structure that requires the use of scaffolding, cranes, wood or bricks, and other materials. The construction site seems to be in constant motion so that you can all work together to get the structure built.

However, with so many pieces to the construction puzzle, there is a danger when each of the parts is not properly secured. A moving crane without an operator, a piece of wood that becomes airborne in high winds, or another unsecured piece of construction equipment can cause a significant accident.

If you've been injured by unsecured construction equipment or materials, you probably have questions about your recovery.

You Deserve Answers

Specifically, you deserve answers to the following questions which could have an impact on your recovery:

  • Who was responsible for securing the equipment or materials that hurt you? Was it the construction company that you work for or was it a third party?
  • Why were the materials or equipment unsecured? Were the materials unsecured because of the actions of the construction workers or people responsible for securing them or was there a manufacturing or design defect that led to the accident?
  • How will I recover? Will your injuries be permanent? Will you ever be able to go back to work?

The answers to these questions, and others, may impact your recovery from your construction accident. If you need help getting answers to any of your questions then please start a live chat with us today and we will work hard to get you the answers you need and the recovery you deserve.

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