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How to Recover From a Construction Building Collapse Injury

This wasn't a simple slip and fall accident that you left you injured. It wasn't the type of construction accident that you routinely watched for and protected yourself against. Instead, while you were on your Riverdale, University Heights, or other New York City job site, the building collapsed around you. There was no time to escape. You did the best you could to protect your head and your spine, and you prayed for survival.

You Did Survive

You lived through the kind of construction accident that could have ended your life. It is important not only to appreciate that, but also to take steps to protect your recovery. Those steps may include:

  • Getting immediate medical attention. This can keep your injuries from worsening and help you start your physical recovery immediately.
  • Accepting help. We know this is hard. It isn't easy for an independent and strong construction worker to be hurt, but it is important to your recovery.
  • Understanding your legal rights. That way you will know what you are fighting for. You can learn more about this by watching our free videos and reading our free brochure, "Hurt in a Construction Accident? You're Not Alone."

The memory of your accident may haunt you for some time, but you shouldn't also have to deal with the financial consequences of the building collapse. Instead, you can protect yourself from further injury by following the steps described above.

Have you suffered an injury from a construction building collapse? What advice would you give another construction worker facing the same kind of problem? Please leave a comment on this blog; your ideas may help another construction worker's recovery be a little easier.

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