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Three Things to Do If Your Husband Suffers a Brain Injury After Falling From a Ladder on a Construction Site

You and your husband are both suffering. It is hard to watch him suffer from head pain and from the other symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. The neurologists and other specialists that you have seen have told you that he has suffered a traumatic brain injury from falling off of a ladder at his construction job. Right now he is unable to work, to help around the house, or to participate in your regular activities. Instead, his days are filled with rest, doctors' appointments, and rehabilitation therapy appointments.

How You Can Help Him Lead the Life He Wants to Live

Your husband is understandably frustrated. During this difficult time, you can help your husband by:

  • Making sure he rests. This will be difficult. Your husband is likely used to lots of activity. He never sat still at his construction job and now he can't do anything but sit still. Your companionship and encouragement may be essential to making sure that his brain gets the rest that it needs to recover.
  • Following up with his medical care. It is important to understand your husband's restrictions and to make sure he gets the follow-up treatment and therapies that he needs.
  • Researching his legal options. He may be able to recover for the injuries that he suffered at his construction job.

You would do anything for your husband, but these tasks may seem overwhelming as you try to balance them with your own job and your children.

You Should Be in Charge-You Don't Have to Do Everything Alone

Enlist your friends and family to help you make sure that your husband rests and gets good medical care. Then contact an experienced construction accident lawyer through this website to find out more about your husband's legal rights. You can also learn more by downloading our FREE brochure, Hurt in a Construction Accident? You're Not Alone.

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