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Women: Protect Your Rights if You're Hurt at Sea

There are very few women doing what you do. The number of women who work in commercial fishing, hunting or trapping is not even reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics because it is so small. As a female commercial fisher that makes you a trailblazer. You are a leader and you are important. You perform the same duties as your male coworkers and you deserve the same protections if you are hurt on the job.

Know How to Protect Those Rights

You may have to start protecting your rights while you are still on your ship. Accordingly, it is important to know what to do before you even get hurt. Specifically, if you are injured while working on a commercial fishing vessel it is important to:

  • Make sure you get prompt treatment. Do not let your captain or anyone else on the vessel dismiss your concerns. If you are hurt and you need treatment then it is important for you to speak up and to insist on it.
  • Not give into pressure. Do not let your captain or anyone else on the vessel bully or blackmail you. You have the legal right to seek medical treatment for your injuries.
  • Know your rights before you sign anything or agree to a recovery. Once you sign an agreement then your ability to recover damages may be limited. It is important to know what you can recover before you sign anything.

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