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Might current home construction materials up fire-related risks?

There are many things that have changed over the years when it comes to home construction. One are the main types of materials used in such construction. For example, in modern times, plywood and engineered particle boards have become increasingly common in home construction. What construction materials are used on a home can affect many things about a home, including the fire-related risks connected to it.

Safety experts have raised the possibility that the materials commonly used in modern home construction might make homes more vulnerable to burning faster and hotter. Reportedly, safety experts have found that, when fires occur at homes, homes that were built within the past 30 years tend to burn more quickly and hotter than homes that were built earlier. Some experts postulate that changes in the types of materials used to build homes have contributed to this.

There are many things the fire-related risks of different building materials can impact beyond what sort of fire-related risks are present in homes built of those materials. One is what kinds of fire risks are present during the construction of homes. Fires during home construction are among the things that can cause severe injuries to construction workers.

Do you think modern home building materials present increased fire risks? What things do you see as posing the biggest fire risks during the construction of homes? What steps do you think it is most important for home construction companies to take to prevent fire hazards from arising that could end up hurting workers?

One hopes that all companies involved in home construction take appropriate steps to prevent workplaces fires and other harmful home construction site accidents.

Source: WSOCTV, “Safety experts say newer construction burns hotter, faster than old,” Jenna Deery, Nov. 2, 2015

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