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NYC's 2015 construction injury total projected to be quite high

There is generally a lot of construction work going on here in New York City. One would hope construction sites in the city would be as injury-free as possible. Unfortunately though, accidents, such as falls from heights, sometimes occur at construction sites which leave workers with substantial injuries. And recent estimates indicate that this year was a particularly injury-heavy one when it comes to construction in the city.

It is projected that, by year's end, 2015 will have seen around 400 construction injuries in New York City. This far exceeds the city's construction injury total for 2014, which was 237 injuries. It is also a very high total when compared to other recent years. Between 2008 and 2013, in every year but one (2009, which saw an injury total of 241) the annual construction injury total in the city was below 200. 

Many things could potentially result in a higher likelihood of construction injuries occurring. Some examples include, poor workplace safety practices at construction sites, low compliance levels with government rules regarding construction site safety and problems with enforcing such rules. What things do you think are contributing to the high level of construction injuries this year in New York City? What do you think should be done in the city in 2016 to try to prevent a repeat of this high total?

There are a variety of different options an injured construction worker may have for seeking compensation for their construction injures. What specific legal actions such a worker is able to take depends on the circumstances of the accident in which they were injured. Construction accident attorneys can provide injured construction workers with explanations of what the specifics of their accident mean for their compensation-seeking options. 

Source: Crain's New York Business, "Unsafe at any height: It's more dangerous than it has been in years to work in construction," Joe Anuta, Nov. 8, 2015

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