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Ladder accidents shouldn't be taken lightly

Falls from ladders at construction sites are generally very quick accidents, often occurring in an instant. Individuals should not allow the quickness of such accidents lead to them making underestimations regarding such falls.

One thing it is important to not underestimate about ladders falls is the harm they can cause. Ladder accidents may be quick, but the injuries from such accidents can have impacts that are quite long-lasting. A person could end up feeling the ripple effects of such an accident for years. 

It is also important to not underestimate the complexity of such accidents. A person might assume that it would be a fairly easy process determining how a quick accident like a construction site ladder fall came about. However, there are actually all different kinds of factors that can contribute to how likely such an accident is to occur, including: a worker's conduct, the conduct of their coworkers, their employer's conduct, the conduct of other organizations working at the construction site, conditions at the construction site and the condition and design of the ladder. Thus, what things led to a ladder fall accident can actually end up being a rather complicated question.

It is also an important question to find an answer to, as what was responsible for a construction site ladder accident has influence on what avenues for compensation a worker injured in the accident has. 

So, it is critical for construction workers who are injured in work site ladder falls to not be dismissive of their injuries and the accident, but rather to promptly get a solid idea of their options and rights. Thus, consulting with a construction accidents attorney soon after such an accident can be a wise move. 

For further information regarding this type of construction accident, see our ladder falls page.

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