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Worker in critical condition after fall at NYC construction site

Falls at construction sites can be incredibly harmful accidents. Just this week, such an accident severely injured a worker here in New York City.

The accident happened yesterday at a Manhattan construction site. A construction worker at the site was on a ladder near an elevator shaft. He was getting ready to put up some drywall on a ceiling. According to authorities, he did not have a safety harness or other safety equipment on.

Authorities say he then fell into the elevator shaft as a result of a loss-of-balance. He was four stories up and fell all the way down the shaft. He landed on some metal bars, which impaled him. He was also struck by some cinder blocks.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the worker was in critical condition.

The site where the accident happened has been cited in the past for failing to adequately safeguard elevator shafts.

There are a variety of things that can impact how likely major fall accidents, such as elevator shaft falls, are to occur at a construction site. Such things include: what sort of ladder safety policies and practices are present at the site, what kinds of safety equipment workers who are doing jobs in places at the site where fall risks are present are provided and what safety precautions are taken regarding things like elevator shafts. It is vital for all companies connected to construction sites here in New York City to avoid safety failings when it comes to these sorts of things.

However construction site falls come about, getting appropriate compensation for injuries can be vital for workers hurt in such accidents. Skilled construction accident attorneys can provide victims of construction site falls and other construction site accidents with assessments of what the specific circumstances of their accident mean for what compensation options they have (such as whether they are limited to workers' comp or can pursue other compensation avenues) and can guide them as they pursue their options.  

Source: The New York Times, "Manhattan Construction Worker Injured in Fall Down Elevator Shaft," Rick Rojas, Jan. 27, 2016

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