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Anthem of the Seas

Hofmann & Schweitzer is assisting passengers on the Anthem of the Seas who were injured in the storm. If you want information on your rights to recover for your injuries please contact our office. Cruise Lines have notice of claim clauses that require you to take action in a short period of time

Chemical risks at construction sites

Physical hazards are not the only worker safety risks that can come up at construction sites. Chemical hazards are also sometimes present. There are many different types of potentially dangerous chemicals that can be used or be present at construction sites. When incidents occur which result in construction workers making skin contact with a dangerous chemical or inhaling the fumes of a dangerous chemical, workers can be greatly harmed. Thus, chemical safety is very important at construction sites.

De Blasio announces increased penalties for safety violations at NYC construction sites

In the aftermath of the tragic crane accident in Tribeca that killed one person and injured three more people, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans to increase fines for construction violations. On Friday, February 12, de Blasio put forth the following changes.

What crane accident prevention steps should be taken in New York City?

As last week's tragic crane collapse in New York City illustrates, circumstances can sometimes transform cranes from useful construction tools into incredibly dangerous safety hazards. Crane accidents can expose workers and bystanders alike to serious, and possibly fatal, bodily harm. Thus, it is important for governments, construction companies and construction workers to do all that they can to reduce the likelihood of such accidents.

Why do crane accidents happen?

This morning, a crane collapse in TriBeCa left one man dead, two people seriously injured and a fourth with minor injuries. There was property damage too. As it fell, the crane clipped at least one building and crushed a row of parked cars. The force of the collapse caused a water main break, as well as a possible gas main break.

The challenges of Jones Act claims

Compensation through a Jones Act claim can help an injured maritime worker with dealing with the financial ramifications of their injury. However, pursuing a Jones Act claim is often not a simple matter. For one, maritime workers who have brought a Jones Act claim can face vigorous efforts to contest the claim by their employer (and its insurers).

Scaffolding accident leads to injuries and FDNY rescue

On Saturday, January 30, a construction accident caused by faulty scaffolding could have been a tragic event. This tragedy was narrowly averted due to the FDNY's quick response. Four construction workers were repointing windows at the top of a six-story building in Manhattan's Inwood neighborhood. Without warning one of the scaffolding cables broke, causing one end of the scaffolding to fall away. The only thing keeping the workers from plunging to the ground were their safety harnesses.

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