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Chemical risks at construction sites

Physical hazards are not the only worker safety risks that can come up at construction sites. Chemical hazards are also sometimes present. There are many different types of potentially dangerous chemicals that can be used or be present at construction sites. When incidents occur which result in construction workers making skin contact with a dangerous chemical or inhaling the fumes of a dangerous chemical, workers can be greatly harmed. Thus, chemical safety is very important at construction sites.

Yesterday, a chemical-related incident occurred at a New York City work site. The site in question is a hotel construction site. While three construction workers were working at the site, which is located in Midtown, they were exposed to chemical fumes. The Real Deal article which reported on this story did not have information on what the nature and source of the fumes were.    

The three workers then fell ill. As of yesterday, one was in critical condition and the other two were listed in stable condition.

This accident underscores the dangers chemical hazards can pose at construction sites. Harms caused by chemical fume exposures or other construction site chemical exposures can have impacts on a worker for a long time. As is the case with injuries caused by physical hazards, when a construction worker is harmed by workplace chemical hazards, it can be vital for them to have an accurate picture of their rights and legal position. Construction accident attorneys can advise construction workers harmed by workplace chemical exposures on their legal situation.

Source: The Real Deal, "Construction workers exposed to chemical fumes at Hotel Riu site in Midtown," Feb. 24, 2016

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