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Scaffolding accident leads to injuries and FDNY rescue

On Saturday, January 30, a construction accident caused by faulty scaffolding could have been a tragic event. This tragedy was narrowly averted due to the FDNY's quick response. Four construction workers were repointing windows at the top of a six-story building in Manhattan's Inwood neighborhood. Without warning one of the scaffolding cables broke, causing one end of the scaffolding to fall away. The only thing keeping the workers from plunging to the ground were their safety harnesses.

The workers called for help, according to witnesses, and firefighters responded in minutes. Their quick actions saved all four from catastrophic or even fatal injuries. Firefighters pulled in two workers through open windows. Firefighters threw a rope down and pulled up a third worker. Firefighters stationed an aerial ladder under the fourth worker and pulled him in.

New York's Scaffolding Laws Help Injured Workers Recover Full Compensation

All four of the men working on the scaffold were injured in the scaffolding collapse. Two of the workers sustained severe injuries, while the other two sustained minor injuries. Under New York Labor Law Section 240, workers who are injured on scaffolding have the right to bring claims against the general contractor for their full damages. This is in contrast to workers' compensation damages, which only compensate injured workers for their medical benefits and part of their lost wages.

For any injured construction worker, an experienced attorney will be vital in creating a strong case. Since 1977, construction workers across New York City and beyond have put their trust in Hofmann & Schweitzer. Our team has the experience, skill and compassion you need to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve.

Source: FDNY firefighters save 4 workers hanging from Manhattan building after scaffolding breaks, Thomas Tracy, January 30, 2016

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