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Manganese fumes from welding

Fire and heat-related risks are not the only safety dangers that can arise in relation to welding. For one, there are a variety of fumes that can be created by welding activities.

One of these types of fumes is manganese fumes. Such fumes could pose health and safety risks to workers if inhaled. Among the health problems inhaling manganese has been connected to are:

  • Kidney damage.
  • Liver damage.
  • Lung damage.
  • Manganism.
  • Reproductive problem risks.
  • Central nervous system damage.
  • Potential neurological and neurobehavioral effects. 

Thus, when performing welding work that has a high likelihood of creating substantial manganese fumes, it can be important for a worker to have proper protection from fume inhalation. Many different things, including the type of welding materials used and the type of space the welding is being done in, can impact how likely fumes with high concentrations of manganese are to come up in relation to a given welding activity. It can be critical for a welding workers' health/safety protection to be well-matched for the particular conditions related to the work they are performing. One hopes all construction companies keep this in mind.

A good match is also important when it comes to a hurt construction worker's legal approach after being harmed through inhalation of welding fumes or other welding-related incidents. There are a variety of different details in a construction accident/exposure that can have implications regarding compensation options. So, having the right legal approach given the particular circumstances of the accident/exposure can be very important for a hurt construction worker when it comes to pursuing compensation for injuries. Experienced attorneys can give such workers assessments of what approaches might be best suited for their situation, given the details of the injury-causing incident.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Welding and Manganese: Potential Neurologic Effects," Accessed March 23, 2016

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