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Will 2016 be a strong year for U.S. ports?

It appears that this year could be a busy one for America’s ports.

For one, the January container volume numbers for the nation's ports are strong. It is estimated that the combined loaded container volumes of the 10 top ports in the nation were 14 percent higher in January 2016 than they were in January 2015. February’s numbers are also thought to be pretty positive. As a note, individual ports vary quite a bit from one another in what specific trends they are seeing when it comes to container volume.

Also, import increases are being predicted for this year. One estimate predicts a 5.3 percent rise in U.S. containerized imports for 2016. More imports can mean more port activity.

Some events which could have impacts on what kind of a year 2016 proves to be for U.S. ports are the upcoming opening of the widened Panama Canal and some mega-ships coming into the trans-Pacific trade.

It will be interesting to see what 2016 ultimately ends up holding for ports here in America. 

However busy of a year 2016 is for U.S. ports, one hopes it will be a safe year for U.S. port workers. Ports have all different kinds of workers and these workers perform all different sorts of tasks. Some port work tasks can have relatively high injury risks, particularly if ports aren't taking proper worker safety steps.

Workplace injuries can have major ramifications for port workers. Experienced maritime injury lawyers can help injured port workers ascertain what particular work injury compensation laws apply to them and what legal options the laws that apply to them afford them.

Source: CNBC, "US ports business looking shipshape," Jeff Daniels, March 16, 2016 

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