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New construction trends and safety

Many different trends are currently occurring in the construction industry. As with other construction matters, when it comes to new construction trends, safety is a very important thing to think about. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the trends that have recently come up in the construction industry and some of the safety matters such trends can touch on.

Some of the new trends in construction are trends in what sorts of materials are being used in construction projects. Three types of materials that have been trending up in the construction industry lately are polyaspartic coatings, concrete roofing tiles and 3D-printer-created materials. Now, every type of construction material can have its own particular safety issues related to it. So, one hopes that construction companies, when adopting new materials into their construction processes, make sure to be aware of what particular safety concerns the new materials can raise and appropriately address these concerns.

Other current trends regard what types of building are being done. The micro-building trend and the green building trend are two examples of this. When switching to new types of construction projects or incorporating new or different construction methods/techniques into their operations, it is important for construction companies to ensure their employees have the training and equipment nessecary to do the new project/method/technique safely.

Construction trends can also involve what types of technology companies are using in connection to construction work. One technology-related trend that has come up lately in construction is increased use of construction-related apps. Safety apps are among such apps. It will be interesting to see how effective safety apps prove to be at helping keep construction sites safe.

As our discussion underscores, new construction trends can raise a range of different safety challenges and opportunities. One hopes that, when construction companies are adjusting to new construction trends, they make sure to do so in a way that is properly mindful and respectful of their workers’ safety and the importance of maintaining construction site safety.

Source: Construction Global, “Top 6 current construction trends,” Tilly Sweet, May 15, 2016

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