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Chemical burns: scarring in many ways

The effects of a work injury can stay with a person for a very long time. This can particularly be the case when the injury suffered is a chemical burn. Such burns can leave a person with long-lasting scars of many types.

For one, chemical burns can scar a person physically, possibly causing disfigurement. Such burns can also leave emotional scars. A great deal of emotional distress can come from the pain, the physical impacts and the life impacts such injuries bring about. Finally, such injuries can be financially scarring. They can lead to a person facing a variety of situations that could pose significant financial challenges, such as having large bills related to their medical needs and other care needs or temporarily or permanently being unable to return to work due to the injury’s effects.

Among the workplaces significant chemical burn risks can come up in are construction sites, as there are a wide range of chemicals that a construction worker can encounter and come into contact with during the course of their job duties.

Given the long-term effects chemical burns can have, when a construction worker suffers such burns due to work with chemicals at a construction site, one thing they may fear is that the injury will ruined their and their family's chances of having a good future. However, it is important to not lose hope, as it is possible to rebound one’s life after such injuries.

Now, having the right resources can be key in such rebound efforts. This is why compensation-related legal matters can be so impactful for a construction worker following suffering chemical burns. So, what steps and actions a worker takes in relation to such matters can be very important for their future.

Our firm has considerable experience providing legal support to workers who have suffered injuries on construction sites. We are committed to helping our clients who have suffered chemical burns or other injuries during the course of construction work with legal matters related to compensation and getting their life back on track following their injury.

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