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Proper lighting vital in maritime work

Maritime work happens in a range of different environments. Some examples include vessels, shipyards and ports. So, there are many types of spaces a maritime worker could end up performing work in. Each particular maritime work space raises its own specific safety concerns.

Sometimes, safety hazards in a maritime work environment lead to accidents that cause serious injuries to workers. Experienced maritime accident lawyers can provide maritime workers who end up being exposed to such accidents, whatever work environment their job involves, with explanations and assessments of what particular injury-compensation laws apply to them and what rights they have and actions they can take in connection to their injuries under these laws.

In any type of space that maritime work is performed in, one of the things that can have big impacts on the safety level of the space is what the lighting conditions are in it. When an area has insufficient lighting, it could make it very difficult for a worker to see or detect potential safety hazards in the area. This could up the worker’s chances of suffering harmful accidents in relation to the hazards. Improper lighting could also make a worker more vulnerable to making errors in the work they are doing, which in some instances can have negative safety implications.

Thus, among the things it is important for all types of maritime employers to do is ensure that the work spaces that they are having their employees perform tasks in are properly lit. What the proper amount of lighting is for a space depends on the specifics of the space and the type of work being performed in it.

Also, it is important for maritime employers to ensure that lights they use, such as temporary lighting, to give proper lighting to work areas are in proper condition and are used correctly. Lights, when in poor condition, when lacking in key safety features or when used improperly, can create their own safety risks in a maritime workplace, such as explosion risks, burn risks, fire risks or electrical injury risks.

As this underscores, lighting is no minor matter in maritime work. What happens with lighting in a maritime work environment can have major safety implications for the individuals working in the environment.

Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration, “OSHA FactSheet - Safe Lighting Practices in the Shipyard Industry,” Accessed June 14, 2016

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