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How Cruise Ship Workers Get Hurt

If you are a cruise ship worker, then you know that life is not always as glamorous as it appeared on the popular 1970's TV program The Love Boat. Romance can be difficult to fit into a long work day that often occurs in difficult conditions and can result in injuries.

Common Reasons for Cruise Ship Crew Member Injuries

It can be difficult for a cruise worker to prevent his or her own injury because so much of the potential for harm is controlled by the cruise ship employer. Common cruise ship crew injuries occur because of:

What Law Will Protect You if You're Hurt on the Hudson River?

Getting hurt while working on a boat on the Hudson River is different from being injured on the New York Thruway or on a Manhattan construction site. The personal injury laws that apply to car accidents and the workers' compensation laws that apply to construction accidents may not be applicable if you are a maritime worker who was injured on your vessel.

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