Several new laws regulating New York construction were signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio. Occupational Health & Safety magazine reports that one of the law requires all New York City projects on buildings with more than three stories to have a superintendent. Others include an online list, maintained by the Department of Buildings, of injuries and death that have occurred at a construction site, having the DOB report code violations that could endanger workers to OSHA and new regulations involving crane use.

As the City's website explains, the measures are meant to improve safety for construction workers and to ensure that any injury or death on a construction site is accounted for. One law, Intro. 1433-A now requires the DOB to keep an online list of all injuries and deaths that happen on construction sites, regardless of if the injured/deceased is a construction worker or not. Intro. 1448-A, another measure signed into law, requires there to be a construction superintendent on any project on a building that is taller than three stories. This law will add a level of safety supervision to 2,300 construction sites around the city. The new law regulating cranes, Intro. 1446-A, 

There are two new laws regulating cranes. The first law, Intro. 1446-A imposes additional licensing for operators of certain cranes, which will apply to Class-B hoisting machine operators. The second, Intro. 1421-A, will require certain types of cranes to be outfitted with a GPS device so the DOB is able to track their movements and to be alerted when one of these cranes is moved onto or off of a construction worksite.

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