Community Offshore Wind, a joint venture involving new york seabed bight wind energyNational Grid, awarded geo-data specialist Fugro an offshore survey contract to perform site appraisal and concept design activities in the New York Bight. Survey work will commence this year with the majority being executed in 2023, detailing geophysical and environmental conditions within the 510 square kilometer lease area, which has an offshore wind potential with an estimated capacity of 3 GW.

Fugro says that it is dedicating two vessels to the project. Operating from a local port, survey teams will utilize hull-mounted sensors to generate full-coverage surface and subsurface geo-data over the lease area to a depth of 15 meters below the seafloor. While deeper subsurface geo-data will still be required in targeted areas for foundation engineering, Fugro’s survey approach will enable Community Offshore Wind to commence a geotechnical program ahead of standard development schedules. Survey geo-data and consultancy services for the project will be delivered through Fugro’s regional center of expertise for offshore wind, located in Norfolk, Virginia.

Data collection in lease areas is important to all local, fishing, maritime, environmental, and tribal stakeholders. Fugro will work on collecting data critical to the site layout while minimizing impacts to the natural environment. The goal is to use the best available science while obtaining useful feedback from a wide net of stakeholders. This is one more step to developing affordable clean energy to customers in the Northeast.

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