A Seafarer From Ohio Asked What Determines Your Maximum Medical Cure Is It as Long as I Am Under

A seafarer from Ohio asked: "What determines your maximum medical cure, is it as long as I am under a physician's care that I am entitled to maintenance and cure?"
The answer is a qualified yes and no. Maximum cure has generally been interpreted to mean that you are receiving care that will tend to improve your health, as opposed to being maintained at a steady state, which has been called "palliative care". If the treatment is only "palliative", such as the dispensation of medicine, your entitlement to maintenance and cure is usually over. Some "palliative" care, however, is so essential to keep a person's health from sliding backwards that appropriate arguments have been made that the care is so necessary as to entitle the seafarer to maintenance and cure. Thus, each case has to be judged on its merits.