Call a Lawyer if You Hurt Your Head in a Construction Fall

Why should I call an attorney if I suffered a traumatic brain injury when I fell off a ladder on a construction site?

The damage has been done. You fell off a ladder while you working on a construction site and you hit your head. A doctor has diagnosed your injury as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and imposed significant restrictions in your life. You are unable to work, you are unable to drive, you are unable to go out with your family, and you are unable to live your life on your own terms. These restrictions may be in place for a long time.

They May Help You Get Better—at a Cost

While you are grateful for the opportunity to recover, you are missing out on a lot during the recovery process. Since you were hurt while working at your construction job you have the right to make a fair recovery for your:

  • Medical expenses. This includes things like medications, follow-up appointments, physical therapy appointments, occupational therapy sessions, and other medical and rehabilitation therapy needs.
  • Lost income. You shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden of your lost income if you were hurt at your construction job.
  • Other losses related to your workplace injury. You may be able to recover additional damages depending on why you fell from the ladder and the specific injuries you sustained.

An experienced lawyer can help understand your fair recovery and advocate for a fair settlement or court verdict. For more information, please watch our free videos and fill out our online contact form today.