Call a New York City Construction Lawyer if You Have Lung Cancer

My construction employer says that he is not responsible for my lung cancer. Is it true? Should I contact a New York City construction lawyer anyway?

Without knowing more about your illness and gathering expert medical testimony about what caused your lung cancer, we cannot tell you whether your lung cancer developed because of your current, or past, work on a construction site. However, we do encourage you to contact a New York City construction attorney.

Lung cancer may develop because of certain chemicals or toxins that you are exposed to in the course of your construction work. If there is evidence to support that your specific illness is related to work you did now, or in the past, then you may be able to recover damages for your illness and make the recovery that you deserve.

Damages may include compensation for the medical treatment you have already needed and medical treatment that you may need in the future. Additionally, damages may include compensation for the income that you are unable to earn due to your illness. These damages may help you and your family during this very difficult time in your life and our New York City construction lawyers will fight hard to get you the recovery that you need.

Your construction employer may have many reasons for denying liability and your employer may or may not be correct in his conclusions. However, you and your family deserve to know the truth and to get the recovery that you deserve.

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