Can the Danger Inherent in New York and New Jersey Construction Work Be Designed Out of the Cons

Can the danger inherent in New York and New Jersey construction work be designed out of the construction process?

There is a relatively new field of engineering known as Prevention through Design (PtD) that aims to “design out” the safety risks for construction workers. More specifically, PtD engineers believe that the best way to prevent occupational illnesses and injuries is to remove the hazards and risks from the workplace. This reduces the burden on contractors and construction workers to control the risks in the workplace.

PtD engineers look at tools, materials, systems, processes, facilities and other factors and try to remove the risks for construction workers. For example, some materials may be switched out for less toxic materials, and some tools may be safer than others—thereby removing the risk of injury for construction workers.

PtD designs are a long way from being standard on New York and New Jersey construction sites. Accordingly, while there may be ways to “design out” risks in the future, there are still many risks that New York and New Jersey construction workers face every day on the job. Those risks sometimes result in accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

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