Construction Temp Workers Are You Safe on the Job Site


Are construction temporary worker injuries a problem in New York and New Jersey?


If you are a construction temporary worker, if you love someone who is a construction temporary worker or if you work with temporary construction workers then this is an important question. You are appropriately concerned about your safety or the safety of a coworker or loved one.

New York and New Jersey do not readily provide the information that you are seeking. Currently, New York does not separate out temporary and permanent workers when reporting construction accident injuries and New Jersey keeps its workers’ compensation claims confidential.

However, based on what we know from the other states in the nation, it is reasonable to assume that construction temporary worker injuries are a problem in our area. According to analysis done by ProPublica, temp workers have a significantly increased chance of getting hurt on the job when compared to other workers. In the five states studied, the risk of injury was between 36% and 72% greater for temp workers. The research also found that temp workers are less likely to report accidents than other employees because they are often not represented by unions and they fear being blacklisted from future jobs.

We want temp workers to know that they have rights and that they may be able to recover damages for construction accident injuries. Please share this FAQ with the temp workers that you know. Please feel free to call us directly at 800-362-9329 if you have been hurt.