How to Help Your Husband After a Paramus Aerial Lift Fall


How can I help my husband, who suffered a brain injury in a fall from an aerial lift on a Route 4 construction site in Paramus?


We are sorry to hear about your husband’s serious injury from an aerial lift fall. The number of buildings lining Route 4 in Paramus means that there is often construction going on somewhere. Some of the larger buildings may require an aerial lift such as the one your husband was on at the time of his fall.

Right now, we won’t go into the ways that aerial lift falls may be prevented. Whether your husband’s construction accident may have been prevented may eventually be relevant to your husband’s potential legal recovery, but it is not what you need to focus on right now. Instead, now your focus is rightly on what you can do to help your husband recover from his brain injury.

You can help your husband by:

  • Making sure he gets the necessary medical care and follows his doctors’ orders.
  • Doing what your husband can’t currently do. Every brain injury is unique, but many brain injuries impose limitations. You can help your husband in the areas in which he needs help and encourage his independence in those areas he can still manage on his own.
  • Protecting his legal recovery. Encourage your husband to consult with a local construction lawyer about his aerial lift fall on a Paramus construction site to make sure his rights are protected.

Additionally, you can help your husband by taking care of yourself. Make sure you have support in place to get through this difficult time, and do not hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of assistance.