I Am a New York City Construction Worker and I Am Female My Employer Provided Me With Protection

I am a New York mason contractor and I was hurt on the job because of another worker. Should I call a New York City construction lawyer?

Yes. As a New York City construction attorney I understand and support your loyalty to the other workers on your job site. However, if you’ve been hurt because another worker made a mistake then it is important to know that, in most cases, it is not the worker himself who is responsible for paying your accident-related damages.

Instead, if you and the other worker were employed by the same company, then your damages may come from New York workers’ compensation insurance maintained by your employer. Those damages may include compensation for your medical expenses and lost income. If the other worker may be considered a third party then his employer may be responsible for your damages that could include medical expenses, lost income, and other costs related to your accident injuries.

Do not trust the workers’ compensation insurance adjuster or anyone else to get you the fair recovery that you deserve without first talking to an experienced New York City construction lawyer. If you and your lawyer enter an attorney-client relationship then it will become your lawyer’s job to zealously advocate for your fair and just recovery and to protect your legal rights.

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