I Fell Off a Deck I Was Building Is It My Fault for Falling or Is It My Employer's Fault

I fell off a deck I was building. Is it my fault for falling or is it my employer’s fault? Should I contact a New Jersey construction lawyer?

Just because you fell does not make the fall your fault. In some cases, a fall on a New Jersey construction site may be more complicated than that. In some cases, your employer may have had the responsibility and the resources to prevent the fall. For example, your employer may have been required to prevent you with fall protection equipment, to train you about the risks of fall injuries, and to have a plan in place to respond quickly should an accident occur.

If you have been hurt in a New Jersey construction fall accident, then your New Jersey construction lawyer will investigate what happened and work hard to get you the damages that you deserve. Damages may include, but not be limited to, compensation for outstanding and future medical expenses, lost income, and other economic losses.

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