I Was Hurt in a New Jersey Construction Accident I've Never Been Hurt at Work Before What Is

I was hurt in a New Jersey construction accident. I’ve never been hurt at work before. What is the very first thing that I should do?

A work accident changes everything. If you have been hurt, then you know that there are a lot of things that you need to do. You may need medical help, you may need to notify your employer, and you may need to protect your financial recovery. It can be difficult to know what to do first.

In most cases, we recommend that you get medical help first. Someone on the construction site should provide emergency first aid and contact 911 if you have been seriously hurt. You should go to the emergency room and do what you need to do to protect your health and your physical recovery. Immediate medical attention may provide you with the pain relief that you need and help prevent your medical problems from getting worse. This is your most important concern.

After your urgent medical needs have been taken care of, then it is important to:

  • Notify your employer of the accident and resulting injury.
  • Make plans for continuing medical care.
  • Contact a New Jersey construction lawyer for help.

For more information about what to do after a New Jersey construction accident injury, we encourage you to contact an experienced New Jersey construction accident attorney today at 800-362-9329 or via this website. We also invite you to read a FREE copy of our informational brochure, Hurt in a Construction Accident? You’re Not Alone .