I don't live in New York. Will you still take my case if I've been hurt in a maritime accident?

I don’t live in New York. Will you still take my case if I’ve been hurt in a maritime accident?

It is possible that we would still take your case if you don’t live in New York and you were injured while working your maritime job. Generally, we will agree to represent you if we believe that doing so is in your best interest.

Most fishermen, harbor workers, and other maritime employees are protected by federal law if they are injured. Laws such as the Jones Act, the Death on the High Seas Act, and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act are national laws that apply equally to workers who meet the requirements of the law. In other words, they are laws that do not just apply to New Yorkers.

Accordingly, we may be able to help you recover fair damages for your maritime injuries if you were hurt somewhere else off of the East Coast of the United States, or on a river or in a harbor in a different state. In addition to our New York City office, we have a conveniently-located New Jersey office to serve our clients.

If we believe that your location would be a barrier to our successful representation of your interests then we would tell you that. Our goal is to help injured maritime workers be treated fairly and to assist them in getting the fair and just recoveries they deserve. If we cannot further those goals for you, we will not represent you.

If you have any questions about whether we may be a good fit for you, please contact us today. If you would like to learn more about your rights, we invite you to read our FREE report, The Legal Rights of Injured Seamen and Other Commercial Mariners .