If Im Hurt in a Roofing Accident Do I Need a New Jersey Construction Lawyer How Do Falls From

If Im hurt in a roofing accident do I need a New Jersey construction lawyer? How do falls from roofs compare to other types of construction accidents?
According to the U.S. Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA), the cost of a roofer’s fall from an elevation is significantly more than when other construction workers fall from elevations. According to OSHA, when a roofer falls from an elevation the cost is approximately $106,000 compared to the approximate cost of under $50,000 for other types of construction workers.

The difference in cost suggests that roofers may face more significant injuries that result in higher medical expenses and/or more lost income due to time that they are unable to work.

If you are a roofer who has been hurt in a New Jersey construction fall accident, then it is important to contact a New Jersey construction lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. A New Jersey construction accident attorney will investigate your accident and work hard to get you the recovery that you deserve.

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