We Received Training About Fall Prevention on My New York Construction Site Yet Many

We received training about fall prevention on my New York construction site. Yet, many of the guys on the site don’t speak English, and that is the only language in which the information was presented. I’m worried about all of our safety. Does information need to be made available in other languages?

You are right to be concerned. Fall prevention, and other important construction safety information is only helpful if the workers who are responsible for implementing it understand it. If they don’t understand what they should do, then they can’t take the appropriate precautions to prevent an injury that could hurt or kill someone on the job site.

OSHA regulations recognize this and require training and safety information to be made available in a language that a worker understands. Thus, for example, if there is a worker on your job site who speaks both English and Spanish, then training in English may have been sufficient. However, if that worker does not understand English well enough to understand the materials provided, then the materials should’ve been made available in Spanish (or another appropriate language).

Our New York construction lawyers hope that no one has been hurt on your construction site and encourage you to speak to your employer about making the materials available in the appropriate language(s). Additionally, if you have been hurt, we encourage you to contact a New York construction accident lawyer directly at 1-800-362-9329 and to read our FREE brochure, Hurt in a Construction Accident? You’re Not Alone, to learn more.