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Life After a Railroad Toxic Spill

Before the accident, living by the railroad was not a big deal. Sure, there was the occasional sounding of a horn or rattle of the train wheels, but those were just momentary annoyances.

We know that all of that changed the day that the train derailed in your community. That was the day that the toxic substances being carried by the train were spilled near your home or business. That was the day that your family was evacuated so that specially trained teams could clean up the spill.

You may have been told that everything would go back to normal quickly and that there would be no long term consequences from the spill. The railroad may have been quick to reimburse you for the expenses related to your evacuation and inconvenience, but is that enough?

It might not be. As New York and New Jersey railroad accident lawyers, we encourage you to think about the possible long term consequences of the train's toxic spill. Will your water be safe to drink? Will there be an increase in diseases such as cancer in your neighborhood? Will you be able to sell your land?

The consequences of every New Jersey and New York train derailment are different. You need not be a passenger on the train or a train employee to recover damages. If you have been hurt by theshort or long term consequences of a railroad toxic spill, then you also may be entitled to damages. Call an experienced New York City train accident attorney at Hofmann & Schweitzer today for more information about your rights. We can be reached at 1-800-362-9329. 

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